34 North Announces New Fisheries Data Dashboards on BDL




34 North is announcing their new fisheries dashboards on Bay Delta Live that display real time operations of salinity, turbidity, fish surveys, and current river conditions. Real time intelligence allows managers and scientists to better understand real time conditions to make critical decisions. The dashboard aggregates data from 11 different trawls, traps and seines: DJFMP, The Red Bluff Diversion Dam, Glenn Colusa Irrigation District, Tidsdale Weir Rotary Screw Trap and Knights Landing Rotary Screw Traps. The data is delivered to 34 North in email format and is then extracted and translated through a process developed in house to make the data available. The USFWS trawls and seines data is updated daily via a web services connection developed by 34 North. Data dashboards also display current reservoir and water quality conditions in the Sacramento River watershed.

The decisions managers make have large impacts on the endangered fish species within the Sacramento River. Species of salmon and steelhead especially are reliant on river management of temperature and flow for their survival. BDL fishery data dashboards aggregate and present activity and data necessary for those managerial decisions. Data is collected from hundreds of disparate sources including USBR operations data and sensor network web services (CDEC and NWIS). This data comes in the form of GIS spatial analysis, environmental conditions, water quality measurements, water supply indicators and catalog site content like maps, photos, reports, videos and more.

Catch indices for the Delta Cross Channel Operations will also be available to supply water operation managers with real-time information as Chinook salmon migrate upstream. Migration information includes flow, water temperature and turbidity data at key stations and relevant thresholds as outlined in the RPAs. Data sources will be provided as well as information for the NMFS BiOps Action Suites. Raw catch data will be displayedfor DJFMP surveys and will be updated daily.


About 34 North

34 North has been a part of the effort to provide a solution for data sharing between entities to keep data as current and near real time as possible to enable adaptive management actions. Near real time data collected on the platform will inform decisions about the future of this region. Through the timely sharing of data, it will be possible to link and compare data collected in the different studies, avoid duplication of data, allow for near real time data analysis and provide updates outside of the normal quarterly report format.