34 North Founders Participate in Developing a Data Vision for the State of California

Enhancing the Vision for Managing California’s Environmental Information Download the final white paper here   Enhancing the Vision for Managing California’s Environmental Information was developed to identify opportunities to enhance California’s data management strategies. The effort reviews opportunities across jurisdictions in order to provide a stronger foundation for natural resource management decisions. Historically, natural resource

Sundance Film Festival Online

7 years running 34 North was an executive producer for the Sundance Online Film Festival. During this period 34 North developed over nine video streaming websites to support the festival and its programs including Sundance Online for Films, The Filmmaker Resource Center, and various original productions including trailers, animations, and maps. The project with the

XPRIZE Race for Space

The X PRIZE Foundation captured the world’s attention when they awarded the largest prize in history, the $10 million Ansari X PRIZE, to Scaled Composites for their craft SpaceShipOne. To win the X Prize, famed aerospace designer Burt Rutan and financier Paul Allen led the first private team (competing against 27 additional teams) to build

The Open Resource Management Foundation

The Open Resource Management Foundation was created to provide resource managers, scientists, conservationists, policy makers, academics and all stakeholders with a free and open community to collaborate, share information, view the latest science, visualize project areas, create GIS maps, and have access to the latest research for their area. OpenNRM.org is working quickly to access