Remote Sensing Web Application for Water Quality Analysis

Utilizing NASA and ESA Earth Observations to Monitor Water Quality Conditions in the San Francisco-Bay Delta The Bay Delta Live Water Quality and Operations Data Portal is a collaborative effort to integrate NASA Earth Science Data with environmental data and decision support tools for water operations. This project’s major objective is to make NASA Earth

Help Butte County First Responders

Help Butte County First Responders Please donate now! More than 90 first responders lost their homes! – The Sac Bee Our first responders have been working tirelessly to save lives and property. The Butte County Camp Fire is hailed the worst fire in California’s history. So many people have lost everything including the men and

34 North Founders Participate in Developing a Data Vision for the State of California

Enhancing the Vision for Managing California’s Environmental Information Download the final white paper here   Enhancing the Vision for Managing California’s Environmental Information was developed to identify opportunities to enhance California’s data management strategies. The effort reviews opportunities across jurisdictions in order to provide a stronger foundation for natural resource management decisions. Historically, natural resource

Visualizing California’s Water Supply Infrastructure

Covering 27,000 square miles from the Oregon border to the Delta, the Sacramento River Watershed includes most of northern California and is linked to every aspect of life in the region. As one of the largest watersheds in the United States, it is the lifeblood for hundreds of wildlife species, serves as an important source